About Us

Harnessing Technology to Unite the Continent

As we may all know, traveling on the African Continent can be expensive and tiring.

Conferences and summits are held across the continent that could be beneficial to all, but, lack of resources and expensive travel costs bar many from attending these gatherings.

The advent of the internet has empowered us, in so many ways, to communicate like never before, and many of the barriers that previously stopped us from connecting have been taken down.

This platform was born from the need to bring together African Minds to find African Solutions

for the African Century.

Every month, we will be hosting,

3 Online Summits focused on  Africa's developing Industries and Conversations, with at least 30 emerging and leading voices in these spaces.

Each space will have its own supporting community platform to keep the conversations and the momentum going after the Summits.

Our Summits will be FREE for all participants, and most costs associated with summits will be eliminated. Every interested party can join in.

Our Online summits will bring a level playing ground, democratise information, and bring together a synergy of development through conversation.

WELCOME to a NEW ERA in African storytelling, communication, and developmental synergy.